Neal Bell, Founder/President

Over 21 years’ experience helping advertisers make the most of their media schedules.

The cultivation of leadership in media planning & buying is a constant process.  As each new tactic presents itself, we are constantly evaluating how it might serve our clients’ interests.  We ask where does it fit in today’s purchase process?  Would a message delivery in this context be more effective, or less?Neal Bell, White Rock Media

Few leaders in media management have the combination of experiences that our founder, Neal Bell, brings to bear on the challenge of planning and buying media.

Neal holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, as well as a Masters of Business Administration – both from The Ohio State University.  Additionally, Neal served in media leadership positions at two separate full-service advertising agencies, spanning eight years before launching White Rock.

Under Neal’s leadership, White Rock has enjoyed low turnover of both clients and employees, allowing for steady, sustainable growth.  As it has grown, the firm has increased its investment in information resources, allowing us to uncover and exploit valuable insights regarding how, when and where people consume media.