Print – The Original Medium

Reaching Both Broad and Niche Audience Segments, Print Has Borne the Brunt of the Digital Assault

The economics of printing and physically distributing publications are at a great disadvantage when compared to the internet’s ability to distribute the same text digitally.

Even so, consumers still enjoy the tactile experience of holding a newspaper, magazine, or book in their hands, and turning the pages.

Throughout the history of media, no new medium has ever utterly replaced the forms of media that existed before its arrival, and we suspect that print media will not go away entirely for a long, long, time.

Print media has undoubtedly faced the most competition of any “incumbent” medium.  While many daily newspapers are published less frequently (or not at all anymore), those in the print realm have finally accepted reality that they need to be relevant in the digital realm, and they are rapidly figuring out the right balance to strike between virtual and physical publishing.