Transparency Means That You Have The Clearest Understanding Of Your Media Options

How Transparent Is Your Current Agency Or Internal Process?

The word “transparency” means a lot of things to a lot of people.  To White Rock, transparency means that our clients have the clearest possible picture of their media options, they easily see how their plans are implemented, and where every penny of their budget is spent.

White Rock strives to deliver maximum transparency across a number of dimensions:

Pricing:  How do the prices proposed for your campaign compare to the highs, lows and average prices paid in the marketplace?

Media Consumption:  How clear are you on how your target customer(s) consume media?

Business Metrics:  How tightly is your media plan tied to the key metrics of your business?

Reporting:  How easy are your media summaries to read and understand?

Accounting/Auditing:  How thorough and easy-to-follow are the post-buy summaries you receive?  Are post-buy analysis of your TV schedules being done on a regular basis?