The Promise of Digital Media

Highly Targeted, But Still Establishing Its Value

The term “Digital Media” is so broad, and changing so rapidly that we expect to refresh this portion of our site most often.

Without question, search engine marketing is a great tactic for reaching target customers who are actively in buying mode for many marketers, with Google dominating this realm (along with Bing, Yahoo, and others).

It is also true that consumers spend a very high percentage of their online activities engaged in social media – particularly with Facebook (averaging 15 minutes per day).

The targeting capabilities of digital media really set it apart.  When we combine data from 3rd party providers such as Blue Kai, eXelate or TARGUSInfo with digital ad exchanges like Right Media and Google AdEx, we can reach an incredibly well-defined target customer.

Digital media tactics are perhaps best when employed by an advertiser who is able to convert site traffic into online sales – this allows the marketer to calculate a true ROI for every digital media tactic employed.

For those advertisers who cannot sell their product or service online, the value of digital media can be vague.  For example, even though one can reach a well-defined Facebook user at a low CPM, if the click-through rate is 0.01% is this a valuable effort?  The answer to this question will absolutely vary from advertiser to advertiser, but it points out how the value of highly-targeted tactics can be diluted by the tight constraints of the message delivery (ad size, copy limits, etc.).

As with all marketing efforts, having a clear definition of success will help ensure that a digital media campaign stays focused and productive.